Friday, July 27, 2012

Scala-IO Getting Started

For the next several posts you will need to have Scala-IO installed and probably should have a sbt project as well.

There are currently 2 Scala-IO 0.4 releases.

  • Scala-io 0.4-seq - A version of Scala 0.4 without the Akka dependency and therefore no ASync support
  • Scala-io 0.4 - The full version that contains an Akka  dependency
The Scala 2.10 versions will have no Akka dependency but can optionally use Akka.

So getting started:

Download the example project on the docs website (
  • Go to Getting Started and follow instructions for downloading and running the example project.  The following goes through the steps for the 0.4.1 instructions.

The last line (Right(770)) is not a command to enter; it is the result of the asynchonous call.

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  1. Awesome! Glad to see another post on the phenomenal Daily Scala again, too.